All of Natural Leadership’s programs are based on a Nature connection practice of which there are two variants:

It is a practice accessible to all because it neither requires a minimum fitness level nor  any type of concentration such as in meditation.

Forest Bathing walks and Guided multisensorial Nature immersionsTM go beyond just being active outdoors, and involve a degree of mindfulness, and a desire to connect with nature on a deeper level. They are a state of mind that doesn’t necessarily require physical activity, just to ‘be in the moment’ in nature, without external distractions such as emails and texts and provides a break and respite from the pressures of daily life.

Both are designed to immerse our senses in Nature because that is the way we can fully benefit from all its scientifically demonstrated benefits.

To that end, these practices rely on a series of games called invitations, which vary depending on multiple variables (the senses, the natural surroundings, the program and specific objectives for Performance programs)

Forest Bathing walks focus on immersing our 5 core senses in Nature and ultimately restoring our wellbeing.

Guided multisensorial Nature immersionsTM focus on awakening and/or immersing additional senses beyond the 5 core to enhance our executive performance and leadership skills. It integrates elements from other Nature-rooted practices, such as animal tracking and friluftsliv, in addition to Forest bathing techniques.