Natural Leadership is a guided nature connection practice that also serves as a powerful facilitation and team-building  framework to take businesses to the next level.

Our model is nature’s collective intelligence.

Discover the most beautiful natural sites or your neighborhood urban park through an unforgettable multi-sensory immersion.

There are two types of the Natural Leadership practice:

  • for wellbeing programs: immersion of our five basic senses.
  • for performance programs: expands sensorial immersion to other senses such as intuition, body radar and mirror neurons. Awakening and/or immersing these senses builds on the power of alpha waves and enhances our executive performance and leadership skills.

The Natural Leadership practice is accessible to all because it neither requires a minimum fitness level nor any concentration such as in meditation. It is playful, benefits flowing naturally and effortlessly.

Also, it has been designed to be effective in any type of natural environment, including urban parks.

Natural Leadership is beyond just being active outdoors. It involves a degree of mindfulness, and a desire to connect with nature on a deeper level. It is a state of mind that doesn’t necessarily require physical activity, just to ‘be in the moment’ in nature, without external distractions such as emails and texts and provides a respite from the pressures of daily life.

In summary, the elements of the Natural Leadership practice are:


  • Guide gathers group in an urban park, forest or any type of natural environment
  • Slowing down (to feel more)
  • No cognitive stimulation (to be in our senses)
  • No minimum fitness level required (not about exercice nor concentration)

The role of the guide is crucial

  • Ensures group safety and masters techniques to maximize participant benefits 
  • Proposes invitations, simple games to immerse senses in nature while creating deep play and engagement in the group.
  • Facilitates authentic sharing for community building so participants reconnect not only to nature but also to others (Way of the council).
  • Integrates collective intelligence and team-building dynamics based on nature model.

Our guided multi-sensory nature immersions last 2 to 5 hours. They are structured series of invitations and councils. It ends with a process to integrate benefits back into our day to day lives.

The guide can tap from a repertoire of hundreds of invitations , depending on nature conditions, group, objectives, and other factors. Some invitations are solo, some are in pairs or trios.

The Natural Leadership practice integrates items from “indigenous” traditions around the world, such as animal tracking, friluftsliv, and plant foraging, in addition to forest therapy.