What is Natural Leadership

Natural Leadership is a venture based on the personal story of Emmett Phil Coriat, a successful healthcare technology entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in bringing cutting edge healthcare innovations to global markets.

Our programs are based on guided multisensorial Nature immersions that re-establish the innate alliance between Humans and Nature.

Our process reconnects you to Nature through your senses, restoring your health, harmonizing your relationships, and unlocking your intuition.

Natural Leadership calls on your senses and draws on the wisdom of Nature to equip you with resilience and tools to thrive as leaders in our unpredictable world of the 21st century.

Emmett Phil Coriat - Natural Leadership

“Whether it is signs of burnout, stalled team dynamics, poor retention, stifled innovation, an organizational transition challenge, or even challenging family dynamics, Natural Leadership is here to let a different leadership mindset emerge for you.”

~ Emmett Phil Coriat, Natural Leadership Founder

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Remotely-guided Nature Immersion

On March 14 we invite you to connect with us, and with our natural environment, through our mobile phone, having the advantage of being able in this case to choose the natural space that you feel the most. You choose the place and we add the guide. You will only need your mobile and be…

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished"

~ Lao Tseu

Natural Leadership Circle

“in our crazy, noisy, fast-paced and hyper-stimulated world, we lose sight of the
magnificence, inspiration, and true peace possible from just taking time to truly
appreciate the nature around us. Emmett Phil was an exemplary guide – supportive, encouraging, warm, patient, and respectful. A memorable two hours that were eye-opening, inspirational and truly transformative”

~ Founder & CEO / Logistics multinational (Canada)

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