What is Natural Leadership?

Natural Leadership is a guided nature connection practice that also serves as a powerful facilitation and team-building  framework to take businesses to the next level.

Our model is nature’s collective intelligence.

Discover the most beautiful natural sites or your neighborhood urban park through an unforgettable multi-sensory immersion.

With Natural Leadership, our forest therapy walks (also called “forest bathing” or “shinrin yoku”) will make you feel nature as you have never imagined it.

This 2-5 hour guided experience is accessible to all, and has proven benefits for your mental and physiological health.

In fact, science shows that forest therapy is the best antidote to chronic stress and burnout.

Natural Leadership immersions also allow you to improve your cognitive and leadership performance, simply by playing our nature connection games.

Natural Leadership’s programs combine scientifically-proven benefits on two levels:

  • Wellbeing – prevents burnout. Restores emotional, physiological, cognitive and social health.
  • Performance – unlocks intuition. Enhances executive capabilities for decision-making, problem solving, creativity, and resilience.

Available in versions for the public and for businesses.

Our Programs

Covid-19 info: All of our programs can also be experienced remotely

“Whether it is signs of burnout, stalled team dynamics, poor retention, stifled innovation, an organizational transition challenge, or even challenging family dynamics, Natural Leadership is here to let a different leadership mindset emerge for you.”

~ Emmett Phil Coriat, Natural Leadership Founder

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished"

~ Lao Tseu

From our Blog

“in our crazy, noisy, fast-paced and hyper-stimulated world, we lose sight of the
magnificence, inspiration, and true peace possible from just taking time to truly
appreciate the nature around us. Emmett Phil was an exemplary guide – supportive, encouraging, warm, patient, and respectful. A memorable two hours that were eye-opening, inspirational and truly transformative”

~ Founder & CEO / Logistics multinational (Canada)

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